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I grew up watching my Grandmother and my mother craft and create beautiful things. I learned how to braid very young, and ever since that day I have been hooked. I love to express myself in many different forms, whether it is writing, singing, dancing, coloring, painting, beading, braiding, baking, scrap-booking, knitting - anything creative. Art is my out, my in, my venting, my happiness, my life.

I came up with the name "Creating Virginia Anne" because I am very inspired by late grandma and my mom. My grandmas name was Virginia, and my moms name is Nancyanne. So I took a little bit of both and mashed it together with what I love to do! Create!

I will be posting more than just my crafts on here. For instance, different ways I organize our home, or different techniques I use while I am doing homework, or even while I am cleaning. It definatly will be a mixture of things posted on here, but for the most part it will be things I create and make.

♥ Renae

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