Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY: Easy Candles At Home!

Step by step from the pictures above.  (ex: Picture #1 = 1. Old candle jars or new jars... etc)

You will need:

1. Old candle jars or new jars

2. Candle wicks (I got this pack at Michaels for around $12)

3. Wax (I had a cube of scented wax that I bought at a craft store a while ago)

What to do:

4. Clean out your old jars (if you are using old candle jars) I boil mine in about an inch of water, until the remain wax is loose and I can pour it out.

5. After I boiled them, I let them soak in dish soap and warm water for about an hour, and then hand cleaned them.

6. This is just a picture of all of the "OLD WAX" that I cleaned out of my used candles. I poured it all into a soup can, then let it harden before I threw it away. That way I didnt have hot, messy wax all inside the garbage.

7. I then used another clean soup can in the inch of boiling water, and melted my chopped up wax cube. (picture 3) I didnt melt all of the wax at once, I did it in small portions. All of the wax you see in picture #3, I melted in 2 separate portions.

When you see that all of the wax is melted, be very careful, with an oven mit, and gentle pick up the can out of the water and set on a hot pad.

Non pictured steps: after removing my melted wax from the boiling water, I took 1 wick and dipped the metal end into the hot wax then placed it in the center of the candle jar I am using. I let the wick harden into place before I pour my wax in.

8. The last step! I used a cheap funnel from the dollar store (i only use it for crafting) and poured the hot wax into the candle jar around the placed wick in circular motions. (You want to be careful not to bump the wick or pour too much onto the wick directly so it does not get moved)

You let your candle harden, then you trim your wick and TAH-DAH! You have a brand new candle to make your home smell amazing!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I will be sure to answer you!

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY and have a great day!

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