Friday, January 3, 2014

Pack Up Your Christmas Stuff Fast + Easy! (OH! + Cheap too!)

As much as I love Christmas + all of the fun decorations... the wreaths, the mini village on our stairs, the tree, lights and many many ornaments... I also get to a point after New Years where I just can't wait to get our house back to being itself and put all of the Christmas clutter away.
Last week I went to Big Lots and purchased 4 of these "It's a Keeper" Ornament storage boxes. Let me tell you these little things are $8 life savers! Yes I said only $8! 

I know that may sound like a lot for what it looks like, however, I fit ALL of our Christmas tree ornaments in ONE of these. I wrapped up our little glass village and other mini fragile decorations into another one of these. Then I used the 2 left over ones for mini trees, pillows, Christmas blankets, lights, and anything else I had left laying around.

I then labeled each one with the contents and into storage they went! Then I picked up our Christmas Tree over my shoulder and tossed it into the backyard. I love the look, smell and spirit that a Christmas Tree brings, however I am so sick and tired of the needles thinking that they can move in with us and take over our house! 


These things don't look like much, I know... but believe you me.... I am extremely happy with these bad boys. Made my Christmas organization so much easier than what I have done in the past. 

Say goodbye to random Tupperware that have funny shapes and only hold certain things. 
I love how these are cloth and flexible, they form into our storage spaces and bend, stretch and collapse if they are not completely full! SCORE!

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