Friday, July 12, 2013

DIY *B*Dazzled Bowling Shoes (repost from old blog)

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My family goes to a bowling event EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Usually I wear my bowling shoes that I spray painted GOLD and covered in SPARKLES. But this year, I was ready for a change. So I went to CVS (my addiction store) and I found these white cloth shoes for $5. I snatched them up right away and went home and got to work. I hand glued each rhinestone on one at a time. RED. YELLOW. GREEN. SILVER. It took me a long time, but I was super pleased with the end result. I also added a few scrapbooking stickers, PEACE and LOVE on the toes of each shoe as you can see. I just used Mod-Podge and coated the shoes, added the rhinestones, and then when they dried, I went over the shoes with two more coats of Mod-Podge

These shoes were a huge hit on bowling night! Everybody loved them and they got a ton of compliments! 

Although I don't wear them anywhere other than bowling too often, I think they still look awesome on my shoe rack! :)
They are defiantly my craziest shoes I own!

What are your craziest shoes?! 

xoxo Rayy is no longer my blog account. I am just reposting the posts on this blog so they dont get lost in the blog-sphere!

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