Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just Couldnt Help Myself

Yay for fall colors!
I love all 5 of these wonderful nail colors!
Okay, well only 4 colors, but I really needed a new top coat bottle, so I love it as well!
From left to right
(271) Extra Shiny Top Coat - (152) Tudor City Teal - (147) Lexington Lilac - (207) Brownstone - (201) Fashion Safari
Like I do with all my beauty buys.. I tested them out as soon as I got home.
The top coat works amazingly! The teal is on my nails as I type this! The lilac is neutral and perfect for everything. The brown is perfect for this fall weather! and the beige is great for any day and any style. The neutral nude color is simple yet fun.
xoxo Renae 

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