Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY: Turkey Wreath

I have been OBSESSED with tulle lately! So while I was walking through Hobby Lobby looking for some fun stuff I came across all of the different types and colors of tulle! I immediately picked up orange, yellow, and red because its close to Thanksgiving time, also with fall being my favorite season, I just love these fun fall colors! I wanted to make a fun Thanksgiving wreath and I was planning on doing a full tulle wreath with random fake leaves all over, but when I saw this brown pre-made wreath, a turkey popped into my head! I have seen a few turkey wreaths here and there, but nothing that I really really liked. I love the look of these brown twig wreaths because they are so natural and rustic! I also bought giant googly eyes and two Styrofoam floral cones.I bought enough supplied to make two turkey wreaths. Because as I stated in an earlier post, I almost always make my parents a version of each crafting project I do!

yellow tulle
orange tulle
red tulle
maroon tulle
googly eyes
Styrofoam floral cone
twig wreath
hot glue gun + glue


 This project is SO easy!

Step one: cut a ton of foot long pieces of different colored tulle

Step two:  tie pieces of tulle around the wreath leaving some of the bottom of the wreath showing (refer to final picture below for some guidance)

Step three: after all your tulle is tied on, wrap some yellow tulle around the floral cone and secure with hot glue. This is the beak! Use hot glue to glue the beak on. Cut a piece of maroon or red tulle (about 5 inches long) and tie a not on each end. Glue over the beak. (again refer to the final picture below if needed) 

Step four: glue on googly eyes, fluff the turkeys feathers (tulle) if needed!

Your turkey wreath is complete!
I made two of these wreaths in just under 2 hours.
So I'd easily say about an hour per wreath. 

My parents absolutely loved their and James and I love ours!
They are so easy and so fun! (and not expensive to make either!)

We have gotten so many compliments on it when we have company, and I cant wait until next year to make more to give away!

Here is the final picture:

If you make a turkey wreath please share it! I would love to see how amazing it turned out!

xoxo Renae

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