Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ABC book of us

For mine and James' 1 year wedding anniversary last month, I made him a fun ABC book. It is called "the ABC's of Us ♥" 

Ever since we started dating 10 years ago, I have always made him homemade gifts. Sometimes I only make him a homemade gift, sometimes I put them in with a present that I buy for him.
This time it was part of his whole gift, along with some other homemade pieces and it also included some purchased items. 

I saw this idea on Pinterest about a year ago, and fell in love with the idea!
Here is the original link I saw: I Love it All
So thank you to I love it all's blog for the wonderful Idea!

I took my time and came up with words, dates, memories or inside jokes for each letter of the alphabet.

It actually took longer than I originally thought it would, and that was just thinking up the words!

 I inclused a picture of us on each page, and I tried my best to match the pictures to the wording on that page.

I used scrapbook paper on black card stock, then bound them all together with a black bind.

Here is the cover page:


Here is the letter A:
I am not going to post a picture of each letter, just because that would be such a long post with only pictures and Id have to take a picture of each page! I just posted two letter to give you an idea.

Here is the letter N:
"No crosses. No creases" is an inside joke of our from when we were only 14 years old! :) 
It is one of the few inside jokes that is still used pretty frequently today between us!

James absolutely loved this homemade gift. It was like taking a trip down memory lane for the both of us! It took some time and a lot of thought to complete it, but the end result was so worth it! 

If you want to make one of these, or something similar, but need some letter ideas feel free to ask! And I will be more than happy to share!
I also believe you can purchase a similar book through the link I posted above!

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