Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I have an Arm Knitting OBSESSION!

I am officially OBSESSED with arm knitting! I went to Joanne Fabrics on Tuesday night with my momma, + bought a TON of new yarn!

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Okay. So I went a little crazy. 
I couldn't help myself! 
I picked out so many fun colors + combinations! 
I just couldn't wait to get home from YOGA + arm knit all night long!
(which is what I did)

Here are some of the fun colors + combos I put together. 

I have been making at least 3-5 a night.
Stocking up + also already giving them away!
I have given my mom 2 already, + walked her through making her own!
I gave my Aunt Vickie one for her birthday, Allison one for her birthday, Chelsea one, Lauren one, Melissa one, Molly one + I have 4 to myself. The rest are stock.

I went to my parents house tonight to visit, while James was working a few doors down.
I brought some yarn + taught my momma how to arm knit!
She is so crafty! So of course she did an amazing job!
She made herself a beautiful red tone / maroon colored scarf!
It was fun to craft with my mom, + to teach her something for once!
(shes always teaching me things)

To end this post, here is a picture of two of my favorite scarves that I am keeping for myself. 
The purple + blue + green is so bright + fun! I love fun colors!
The peach toned scarf is fluffier + such a fun neutral color that you can wear with pretty much anything!


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