Monday, December 23, 2013


This has to be one of my most favorite Christmas time crafts that I have ever done! It was very quick, easy and somewhat cheap!

I made "REINBEER" for my Dad, my brothers (Jeff + Dan), James and also for James' dad. But since James and his dad don't drink beer I used bottled IBC cream soda! HA! 

I went to Meijers and bought 5 6-packs of beer (2 of cream soda) and I used brown pipe cleaners, mini red pompoms and mini googly eyes. (I bought all of those supplies at Hobby Lobby)  

This project is so simple. All you do is use a hot glue gun, and glue on the eyes and nose. Then I cut some of the brown pipe cleaners into thirds and used those pieces for the top of the antlers.Then I just twisted the set of antlers around the mouth of the bottle (just below the bottle cap) and TAH-DAH!!!
Now you have little adorable REINBEER ☺

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