Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bead Obsessed!

The other day, James bought me a ton of wooden and acrylic beads.... I had some stretchy elastic at home in our craft-office already and so I got to beading immediately! I made over 200 stretchy beaded bracelets... of all colors, sizes and styles. It is clear to say... I am obsessed. I did not do a tutorial on any of these... however, I still wanted to share them with you all because they are so self explanatory and so easy!  ( oh and fun too! ) All you need are some beads... ( wooden beads.. pony beads... paper beads... homemade beads... clay beads... any kind of beads! ) and some elastic or stretchy jewelry thread. Slide the beads on the string in the pattern you want and make it the perfect size for you or a friend as a gift... then stretch out the string a little as you tie the knot and bah-bam! you are done! So simple... easy and fun!

Below are a few pictures of the beads that I have been using and also some pictures of a few bracelets that I have made.

If you make some please share them! I am excited to see what styles you come up with!


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  1. The wooden beads as well as the acrylic beads are from Walmart. The wooden beads were $5 and the acrylic beads were $9