Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Say Goodbye to Messy Dresser Drawers!

One thing in our bedroom that always seems to get unorganized is our dresser drawers. UGH! I just hate dressers, but we need them. If we didn't have them where would our socks and under garments go?! James is PRO-Dresser and I am 99% ANTI-Dresser!

In our bedroom we only have one dresser, and our dresser only has three drawers. My sock, James' socks, and James' boxers. Sweet and Simple.

I folded all of my socks in half for ankle socks and in thirds for longer socks.
Then filled the drawer by standing them up.

I have my sock drawer sorted by thick and fuzzy socks on the left side of the drawer (2 rows) then I have 2 rows of long (tall) socks, then the last 3 rows (far right) are ankle socks. This was technique is not only good for saving space, but also for pushing me to throw some socks away. 

No match? THROW IT AWAY! Teeny Tiny hole?! THROW IT AWAY! 

So, as I just said.. I organized my sock drawer and I got rid of some socks that I just really didn't need anymore. SCORE!

For James' sock drawer, I did the very same thing folding wise.
However, guys socks are different and his are much bigger than mine, so they take up more room! The far left side are all of his ankle socks (folded in half and standing up) and then because his long socks are A LOT longer than mine, I laid the matching sets on top of one another. (Only folded in half instead of thirds)

Now for James' boxers... 
Hot Dog. Hot Dog. Hamburger.
Does anyone remember that folding rule from elementary school?!
Here are some sample pictures I just found on Google. haha!

Hot Dog                                     Hamburger

I folded each one in half hot dog style, then in half again (hot dog style) then I folded them once Hamburger style. I filled the drawer by stacking them standing up just like I did for our sock drawers.I sorted his boxers by matching the types of fabric together (soft cotton, silk, stiff cotton, flannel)

 Our dresser drawers are now 100% organized and lookin' good! 
Now the real challenge is to see how long they stay organized and lookin' good!

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