Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wrap a Present to look like Spongebob!

My nephew turns 2 this week and he is in love with Spongebob Squarepants! also Blue's Clues and Cat in the hat and Dora and oh so much more! But today is his birthday party and the theme is Spongebob! 

I wanted to do something very special for his presents. James, Jeff, Chelsea and I went in together on his presents like we normally do. We got him a giant floor piano and a Little Tykes grill!  (Which he loves by the way!) Anyways... I saw the grill box and all I could think about was how it looked like Spongebob.... so that is what I turned it into!

I took the box and wrapped it with a yellow table cloth from the dollar tree, and I then used brown and white construction paper to make his pants and shirt. 

I used black, pink, red, yellow and blue construction paper for his eyes, nose, mouth, tie and belt. I didn't really follow a template.. I sort of just free handed all of the cuts and shapes.  

For Spongebob's arms and legs I used the roll from the wrapping paper! I cut it into pieces and simply rolled construction paper around it! 

To make his hands and shoes I cut out small hands with yellow construction paper and used black for the shapes of his shoes. I taped them to the inside of each roll. 

My last touch to this wrap job was to add his sponge holes (pores) so I took a yellow Sharpie and just drew random circles all over him. You can't really see it in the pictures but in person it really finished off the look!

I think he came out great and he was a huge hit at the party! 

I wrapped the piano in white wrapping paper and used colored dye-cut letters to spell out Happy 2nd Birthday Kameron! Just to go along with the grill a little...


For Kam's card, I used Sharpies and construction paper to make a replica of Spongebobs Pineapple house that he lives in under the sea.
(like what I did there?! ) haha!

I used yellow construction paper and cut it into somewhat of a pineapple shape. I then took a brown Sharpie and drew the lines all over the yellow cut out. 

I outlined the brown with orange and added a small brown V in each square to give it that pineapple spike look.

For the top of the pineapple I took green construction paper and cut out two different size grass chunks.  I outlined each in dark green Sharpie and glued them together, and to the top of the card. 

I then cut out two circles (for the windows) and a door in light blue construction paper and drew the frames and dots with black Sharpie. I shaded them in with a metallic silver Sharpie to make them look glossy and metal like. I used the same colors and technique for the door handle also, but I attached it with a small blue brad, SO IT ACTUALLY SPINS! (how cool, right?! ) I thought so... haha!

I used blue, pink and navy paper to cut out little flowers and a small piece of yellow scrap for the center of the flowers. I also outlined the flowers in similar Sharpie colors. Just to make them POP a little. 

Next... was Gary. Spongebob's pet snail and one of his best friends. You can't forget about Gary!

For Gary I cut out his shell in pink and glued it to his body that I cut out from green. I outlined him in Sharpie in colors that were similar to the paper colors and added two beady red eyes.  He was complete so I glued him on, like you see above!

My last step was to glue a piece of card stock on the back to make the flap, so the card actually opens and is a functioning card. I cut a piece of card stock to the size of the pineapple and ran my glue stick along the top edge and stuck it to the pack of the pineapple.

Now it is completed and opens like a real card!

It was so much fun to make this card and James was very impressed on how much it looked like Spongebob's House!

Do you know some who would love a Spongebob present and card??
Make them one!

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