Saturday, February 15, 2014

DIY Party Hats

I originally made these party hats for my nephews 2nd birthday party that was Spongebob themed. However... I decided not to use them at the party, because well.. to be honest... I felt a little out of place doing so. I wasn't the one throwing the birthday party so I decided to just leave them home and save them for a rainy day I guess. ha. But I still wanted to share them. I only used construction paper to make these and a thin elastic string from my beading kits. 

I rolled a piece of construction paper to make a cone. Then I trimmed the bottoms of the cones to make them flat. I glued them shut and added eyes, nose, eye brows, etc. It was really that easy! For Spongebob himself, I used a yellow sharpie marker to draw on his sponge pores. But other than that these hats are all paper!
I put a layer on Matte Modge Podge over the entire thing after I glued on the eyes and facial features, etc. Just to seal it. And the Modge Podge also added some durability to the hats. Made them a little stronger. This was fun and easy and cheap. I like cheap! :) 

One thing that I really love about these DIY party hats are that the possibilities are ENDLESS! You can do any type of party theme and make your own hats to match perfectly!

I will defiantly be making more DIY party hats in the future!

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