Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sharpie Art

Ever since I can Remember, I have been in love with Sharpies. They can write on anything and it lasts almost forever! They are a little pricey however... but sometimes you can get very lucky and find them on sale! That was my case with the packs above. I was not planning on buying four packs of Sharpies.. however.. I walked in the store.. (CVS) and saw that they were on sale so I just couldn't help myself!

I decided to start a new project with these... I took a plain white piece of computer paper... I drew shapes and lines all over it. Creating somewhat of a homemade coloring page. Then I simply just started coloring each shape a different color. Hopping all over the page until it was completed!

Here is my first and most favorite of them all!

I call it "Life" ...

If you look at it just at a glance... it looks like a crazy blob of random colors and shapes... ( which it sort of is.. HA! ) But if you look at it closely.. you will see different parts of a picture... a beautiful part of life. 

That is how I see life... it is crazy and hectic at times but when you sit back and look at your life.. it is beautiful.

What do you see?

If you make a masterpiece of your own.. please share it! All you need are markers ( or even crayons! ) and a little inspiration! ♥

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