Friday, July 11, 2014

Delicious Bonfire Desserts

We have a lot of bonfires. A LOT. 
I love s'mores... but I don't always want to abandon my new healthy lifestyle to indulge in some melted chocolate, gooey marshmallow, surrounded by gram-cracker calorie bandit! I have been eating these bonfire pies since I was a little kid, but they were never this healthy.

Here is what you need & what you do:

Start off with 2 pieces of whole wheat bread

Coat one side of each piece of bread with fat free cream cheese and center a couple of strawberries in the middle.

Using a campfire cooker and a campfire, place your cream cheese and strawberry sandwich in the cooker, and pull off the crust. 

 Cook it over the fire, until it is toasted & somewhat crispy.

Then chow down and enjoy your healthy bonfire snack!
They are easy, cheap & delicious

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