Saturday, October 1, 2016

DIY Scarecrow bottle - Fall Decor - Upcycle + Recycle

I love to bring my grandmother homemade gifts whenever we go to visit her. I also love to be at her house and to be able to look around and see all of these DIY memories I have made and get to share with her. <3 
This DIY is so simple. I took an empty wine bottle, painted it a light brown/tan color. While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I cut a piece of foam board to look like a donut that would fit around the top of the bottle, to make the hat. I hot glued some fake straw that I purchased at the local dollar store, around the neck of the bottle as the scarecrows hair. Following that step, I took twine and used my hot glue gun to glue it to the foam donut. When I was finished doing that, I slid the foam donut over the top of the bottle and pushed it down as far as I possibly could. I then took more twine and glued it to the top of the bottle to finish off the look of the hat. I had a roll of rhinestone ribbon that I used as the top of the hat. However, you could easily finish it off with twine, or any other kind of ribbon. I then took some more fake straw and glued it to the base of the bottle, with the loose ends pointing up, before I glued some twine around the bottom of the bottle, and used some more of the rhinestone ribbon around the base; symbolizing his shirt. I added a fun twine bow, just to be cute. My last step was the scarecrows face. I used Halloween googly eyes from the Dollar Tree, and painted on the rest of his face, using pink, orange and black paint. The fun part about his face is that you can be so creative and make any kind of face you want to. I did a simple happy face because after all this is a gift for my 90 year old grandmother.
This was such a fun and easy upcycle and recycle project to do. Please share a picture in the comments below if you recreate this project! I would love to see them!
Until next time... xoxoxo

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