Tuesday, December 27, 2016

DIY Rustic Key Racks

Every year for Christmas, instead of spending a ton of money on individual gifts for everyone, we do small gifts or lotto tickets. I love to craft, so of course every year I try my best to make something new for everyone. 
This year, I made all of the men a DIY Rustic Key Rack. 
I have had a box of old keys sitting in my craft closet for quite some time now, so I figured I needed to use them for something fun. I spent about 3 hours using two pairs of pliers to bend one key at a time. Some of them broke, but luckily I had more than enough spares.
I purchased a bundle of the wood from Hobby Lobby for around $4 a bundle. I bought two bundles, and I love them because each piece is completely different, and I love the rustic look of the unfinished wood.
I also purchased some decorative nail heads from Hobby Lobby. (They were in the wood isle.) 
I used a hammer to tightly seal each key to the wood.
This project is so easy, cheap and fun to make!
Everyone loved them! (I even made one for out house!)
Here are the supplies you need:
- keys
- wood pieces
-decorative nails
- hangers for the back
NOTE: I did not include hangers for the backs for each of these gifts, simply because I know some people in my family would want to hang it differently than others, so I figured I would leave the hanging decisions up to each individual.
There are so many possibilities with a DIY project like this one. This would even be a wonderful house warming gift as well!
If you recreate this DIY, I would love to see it, leave it in the comments below, or tag them using #CreatingVirginiaAnne
Happy crafting everyone! <3

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