Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another producctive Saturday..

When I woke up this morning, I had the urge to deep clean some more. Just like I did last Saturday! I started off by doing dish + laundry of course.. then I got a little carried away. I collected all of my makeup brushes, + soaked them in some cups + bowls full of hot water (just out of the tap) ((see picture below))
As my brushes were soaking, I whipped up some homemade makeup-brush cleaner. I have heard before to soak your brushes in hot water mixed with vinegar, however, that just didn't sound much like a "cleaning" to me. So I mixed up something else.  ((see picture below))
I just used the actual Blue Dawn dish soap bottle.
So anyways, I squirted a little bit of the mixture into the palm of my hand, and then took one brush out of the cups at a time.
I rubbed each brush in a circular motion in the mixture that I poured on my hand. Within the first few swirls, I could see the makeup residue turning my palm different colors. It was sort of gross, but I could tell that it was deep cleaning my brushes! Which made me one happy girl! lol.
When I thought the brushes were clean, I then rinsed them under the faucet in the sink. (luke warm water) I rinsed them until it felt like all of the soap mixture was off. Then I took a clean wash cloth + patted each one dry, then laid them out to dry completely following that.
When I cleaned up my makeup brush mess, I then pulled out all of the needed ingredients for dinner. Corn beef, cabbage + carrots. MMMMMM.
I got that delish meal going in the crockpot then moved onto my next task.
James woke up shortly after me getting dinner started, so we showered + headed out to run some errands.

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