Friday, January 18, 2013

Home Decore: Reliving my wedding

 One of the main decisions that I am so happy I made for my wedding was to have fake bouquets! My maid-of-honor/sister-in-law Allison made these bouquets for us, + they are just too beautiful to not display. We have a small shelf stand in our hallway upstairs that was pretty much empty until this past weekend, when I was cleaning and found the box from our wedding that was October 5, 2012. (only a few months ago!) :) but anyways, I cleaned up some vases from our wedding candy buffet + decided to display these beautiful wedding memories. (something other than wedding pictures)
The top right hand picture is of my bouquet handle + James' boutonniere. Below that is the girls bouquets all on one shelf, + the bottom right hand picture is of my bouquet. We all had random brooches throughout our bouquets. Each + every brooch has a sentimental meaning.
The left hand picture is obviously just a full view of the shelf stand that is in our hallway.
I just figured that this was a nice way of reliving part of our wedding without taking up much space, + it looks great in our upstairs hallway!

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