Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

My mom and dad are two of my biggest idols. They are a main part of my support team, my love and my happiness! They are the reason why I am who I am today. Anyways, I love them and so for their anniversary this year (32 years TODAY!) I painted them a red canvas to match their room d├ęcor,  and then I put an adorable love quote "Husband and Wife... Best Friends For Life" ahhhhhh I love it! I just used white scrapbooking stickers in two different fonts, and I also added a few rhinestones glued on random letters. I think it came out so adorable! And my parents really loved it! :) yay me! yay parents! yay love!
When I look at your relationship, I am in awe. I aim to make mine and James' relationship similar to yours because you guys are so in love and are such great role models for love, life, happiness, success and everything else!
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
I love you both so much!
xoxo Renae

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