Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Grandmas Button Trees

My Uncle has been slowly sorting through all of my Grandmas things, and every once in a while he will give me a box of crafting stuff to take home. My most recent box was FULL of buttons! and I mean FULL! As soon as I got home I had to sit down and go through every single button, of course!

I had fun picking out a handful of my favorite buttons. While I was going through all of them, I really wanted to put some aside to craft with right away. To make something for my Uncle, as a way to thank him for giving me these things, and not just throwing them away! I also wanted to  make something for my momma, and my aunt to have another little piece of my grandma. So I did just that!

I put aside a few handfuls of fun mixtures of buttons and gathered some wire that I had in my craft room. I also had a few of the mini planting pots lying around! (and the gem stones too!) I started to wire the buttons, then twist all of the wires together to look like branches, I was originally going for a bouquet look, but discovered the tree form shortly into the start of this project.

After the wires were all twisted together, I thought they looked cool like roots and branches all twisted and tied together. I was happy with the turn out of it! That is when the potting and gem stones came into my mind. So I let my glue gun heat up and got to gluing! 

 I ended up making 4 button trees, one for my mom, my uncle, my aunt and myself. I had a blast making them as well! So easy and fun!

My Uncle, mom and Aunt just loved these thoughtful little gifts. I know they are not much but they mean something to us because they are made with my grandmas buttons.

A little piece of Grandma always and forever.

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