Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rustic Glasses Holders

James and I both wear glasses. I only wear mine occasionally, but James needs his, so after he takes his contacts out at night he needs to be able to easily find his glasses. 

Over this past summer I fell in love with sticks and crafting with nature. 
I saved some nice sticks to craft with, so I thought this would be perfect for two reasons. ONE: we had an empty wall by our bed and I really wanted to put something pretty there, and TWO: now we will have a place to keep our glasses when they aren't on our faces. 

We can easily reach up and hang them on the hooks. There is no more searching around the bed and the floor and all over the house for our glasses. (as long as we ALWAYS remember to hang them on the hooks!) 

To make these I took one large stick, and two small sticks. I painted them white with spray paint, and then I used a glitter spray paint over that. When they were dry and ready to bring inside, I tied twine onto them to hang them from, and I used screw in hooks (I got at Kmart) So I just used my hands to screw in the hooks and TAH-DAH! 

I did not screw in any hooks on the large stick. You easily could. But I did not. I had a few strands of pearl like beads left over from our wedding (they were accents on one of our cakes) that I was looking to do something with. I thought why not make the top stick just a decor piece?! PERFECT! I loosely strung the strands of beads over and around the stick and let them droop just however they wanted to. 

I loved how it turned out!

One thing I really loved about this craft was that it was practically free... and  also that there are so many ways you can use these. (other than for just glasses!) You could screw in multiple hooks and use it to display jewelry or sunglasses or even male ties or your spring scarfs! The possibilities are endless really.... hang bibs on it in a baby's room. Heck hang whatever you want from it! ☺

Here are some more pictures below of close ups and different angles and what not ☺

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