Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Heart in the Clouds ♥

Hey look! Here is the blue canvas! :) 

I saw this online (don't remember where) (( I will try to find it again))
But when I saw it I thought of my friend Melissa! Just a few days ago at lunch she was telling me all about this quote and how much she loves it. So how could I not attempt to make this for her?!
I started off by doing 2 coats of the navy blue background on a white canvas and then after that dried (a few days later..) I used a white paint pen to write everything out and did 2 coats as well with the paint pen. 

QUICK REVIEW: the white paint pen is amazing! I bought it from Meijers just for this project and I am so excited to go out and purchase more colors because I absolutely fell in love with it! It came out so smooth, the color is strong, and it was so much easier to write with a paint pen vs a paint brush (which I am terrible at doing by the way!) 

I am fairly happy with how this turned out and I think she is going to love it! It is a little off-centered but that's part of homemade gifts... their never perfect to everyone's eye but they are perfect to the heart. <3 

Wow. Corny but true ;) 

After I gave it to her, she sent me a picture of it hanging in her room, which  made me even happier, because I was glad that she liked it!

Xoxo Renae

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