Friday, December 13, 2013

DAY 12: Homemade Christmas Cards!


Christmas is almost here... scary as that sounds (because it came up so fast!) But because its the truth, I decided this year to make all of my Christmas cards that I give away and send out! I made four different types and just had fun with them really!! 

The first type that I made was family cards. I didn't make them for ALL of the families that I know but for a few. These ones were the most work and took the longest. I used white buttons for the snowmen, red Santa hat stickers for the boys, and made cute little bows for the female snowmen out of gold wired ribbon. I used blue construction paper for the background and added some snowflakes. I drew the arms with a black sharpie, that I also wrote the names out with. 

The second and third types of cards that I made this year were so EASY!! and they took the least amount of time. The button ornaments! For some cards I used felt buttons and some I used real buttons, in the colors red and green of course! I glued them onto white card stock, then took my trusty black sharpie and drew the string, cap, and bow! SO EASY! (and cute too!)

The last type of Christmas card that I made this year was inspired by my lovely husband James. I had a vision, and he helped me find all the supplies, and he made my idea even better! (hes amazing!) I used colored brads, (I think they look like mini ornaments) I used the brads to pin some thin green ribbon in a zigzag shape onto some white card stock and it looked like a tree. So I stuck on a glittery gold foam star sticker and drew a tree truck with a brown sharpie! (finally my brown sharpie got used! Poor guy rarely gets used for anything!)

For all of the cards I made this year, I used Christmas themed and colored scrapbook paper as the cards and bought a few packs of plain white envelopes. Here is a picture of each type of card I made:

Here are a few of the ways that I addressed the envelopes. I understand that the pictures are not top quality, and they look dumb. But I took them with my cellphone, and I had to blur out some names and addresses. These pictures are just to give you an example of how I wrote out names.

For couples, I did a curved line across the entire envelope. Then wrote their names on top of the line, and their address below.
I put our return address in the bottom left corner.

For some families I did a large first initial, then wrote their names in black as you can see below.
Then their address below that, and our return address in the top left corner.

For husband and wives, I wrote the last name big in red and green and "Mr + Mrs {name} small above that, then simply just wrote the address below.

Here is a clumped up sum of some of the different styles of addressing envelopes that I did.


These cards and envelopes were a TON of fun! And they were so easy and quick! I always have a blast crafting up a fun card, and sharing them with the people I love.

Christmas is on its way!


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