Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY ~ Family Silhouette Plaques

I love our little family. 

This is such an easy craft and it is great because as our family grows, I can easily add to it!

  Here is what you need:   

1. printed pictures from a side view
2. wooden plaques or wood of some sort
3. colored paint (for plaque color)
4. black paint (for silhouettes) 
{ or a bold color would look fun too! }
5. scissors
6. matte Modge Podge


  Here is what I did... 

1. Bought wooded plaques
2. Took pictures of each of us
3. Printed the pictures
4. Painted the plaques silver (2 coats)
5. While those were drying, I took my time and cut out each picture
6. I painted each cut out picture
7. When those dried I used matte Modge Podge and put one solid coat on the entire plaque, then before it dried I very gently centered each picture on its own plaque!
8. I very lightly brushed a coat of the matte Modge Podge over the picture and the rest of the plaque. 
9. I let it dry!

tah-dah!! It was so simple and it turned out great!

I am planning on making a few more as gifts... what a great gift idea!
( however, I will use pictures of the people I am gifting of course! )

Here are a couple of extra photographs of the ones I did of us!

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