Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY Wall Decor - with Toilet Paper Rolls

Our upstairs bathroom has had an empty wall since we have moved in. I have always known I wanted to put something there,  I just never knew what it was that I wanted to put there. 

I have seen art made from recycled toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and decided to play around with it for a little while. 

I cut the rolls with my scissors and used my hot glue gun to creating flower designs. I painted them black because I thought it was just a nice basic shade for these flowers. 

Then I realized I was stuck. I had these pretty recycled flowers... but had nothing planned to do with them. Then it hit me! Hang them on the empty bathroom wall!

I used 1 inch nails, and a hammer to hang these. Since they are extremely light weight, I just used the smallest nails we had in our junk drawer.

It adds a nice touch to our grey, black and purple master bathroom! And it was so easy and FREE!

Here are some of the AMAZING recycled roll art that sparked my curiosity! 

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