Friday, February 14, 2014

You "Float" My Boat!

First off...
Happy Valentines day!

To me valentines day is not just for James and I... but for my friends... my family.,.. all of you! 
It is for everyone that I love!

This year, I put together Root Beer float kits for James and myself - Dan, Allison and Kameron - Jeff and Chelsea - and my momma and daddy of course! 

I bought 4 tubs of vanilla ice cream, 4 2-liters of A&W Root Beer, I got each person a cup of their own, with a fun squiggly straw, and I personalized each cup with a heart that had a name on it.

I cut out little sail boat shapes from construction paper and glued on a quote that said "you "float" our boat! Happy Valentines Day!" (I put "MY" on James' in the picture above because well it was just from me, and to the others it was from James and myself) Any-whoo... I placed all of the items into boxes and taped them up, then after work today I delivered each one to the correct houses. 

I was so excited when my momma texted me the picture of my dad and Kam enjoying their floats! 

This was a cheap and fun little thing to do for my loved ones... 
You could always use different flavors of ice cream or even soda to change it up a little!

Share your float kits!

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