Monday, March 10, 2014

Personalizing Your Space - DIY

I am in love. and I love love. I am proud of my relationship and of the man I am spending forever with. In our bedroom, we had a random, funny shaped wall that was empty and I really just wanted to put up something big.. but simple. 

I then remembered that in our place previous to this my mom and I had made these letters for our bedroom while James was away on a fishing trip. It was a surprise for him to come home to. He loves it by the way! Any-whoo... I knew I had them somewhere so I started searching. I FOUND THEM! tah-dah!

Here is how my mom and I made these...

We went to Joannes Fabric store and purchased a GIANT J and a giant R. I also bought the word 'AND' in smaller cardboard letters. I purchased some maroon and white spray paint, and from Michael's I bought two wooden words in cursive "dream" and "love". 

As soon as we got home we got to painting. We started off my spraying all of the letters with a coat of maroon spray paint, because we thought they might need 2 or more coats. While the first coat of paint was drying I spray painted the cursive words love and dream with white. 

We let those dry. The words ended up needing 2 coats of paint and the letters I did 3 coats, just to make sure we didn't miss a spot. 

When all of the letters were dry, we took a hot glue gun and carefully glued one word onto each giant letter. ( as you can see in the pictures above and below ) 

The giant letters came with hooks on the back, however the smaller letters did not. I hung the 2 giant letters with nails ( like you would hang a normal picture ) and I used 2 3M removable frame hanger tabs for each of the smaller letters. that way I can easily remove them ( to clean them or whatever )

Because this craft was done a little while back, I don't remember the exact prices but I am positive that it was under $40. which isn't bad at all! compared to our standard sized air vent in the top picture, you can clearly see that those letters are gigantic!

Do you have an empty wall that you want to personalize?
Try this idea and please feel free to share it with me! I would love to see it!

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