Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cheap and Quick Kids Easter Bucket

I knew my nephew was going to be getting so much candy and goodies on Easter, but I still wanted to do something fun for him. 

I went to the Dollar Tree and got to shopping!

This was such a cheap and easy Easter gift, yet it was fun and full of fun things!

I bought... 

 Squish balls, a growing snake, M&Ms, bubbles, sand bucket, giant chalk, a phone, and puzzles!
 For a total of about $15 I got my nephew a bucket full of fun things that he loves and that he will actually use. and Only 1 item was candy! (his favorite ares 'emmas") haha! I cant wait for him to empty this bucket and play with all the fun things inside! 

If you have a Dollar Tree around you, and you have a small gift you want or need to give, I highly suggest going to the Dollar Tree and filling a fun bucket or box with a ton of small and fun items!

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