Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY Pinata

We have a family tradition every Easter, where we have a pinata! We start with the youngest child, and each take about 3-4 swings at it. Well this year I really wanted to challenge myself and make the pinata. So that is just what I did!

Here is How I did it... 
For the base of your Pinata, You will need....

The picture below explains each step I took, but I will briefly explain them again right now. To start off I took my 2 sheets of cardboard and  drew out the shape of pinata I wanted. Since it was for our family Easter party, I chose a Bunny.  (step 1)

After I sketched out the bunny shape, I used a razor blade and cut out 2 identical copies of the bunny. (step 2)

My sheets of cardboard were a little too small for the size of bunny I wanted, so I used a 3rd sheet of cardboard to cut out the tips of the bunnies ears, then I just taped them to the bunny head. (steps 3 & 4)

I then took my 4th piece of cardboard and cut it into 5 long strips. I then used my hand and made them rounded to form the edges of my pinata. (steps 5 & 6) Sorry but I did not get a great picture of me taping on the edges, I tried my best to explain it. The edges are what makes your pinata a little more 3D. (like my step 6. picture below)

After the base of your pinata is completed. Now its onto the messy but fun part!
Paper Mache!

You will need flour, water and a mixing bowl. As well as old newspapers or an old phone book like I used.  

(click on the picture of the steps below to make it bigger, and to read each step)

I did one coat at a time, and let it dry for just about 24 hours before putting on the next coat. 
I ended up doing a total of 3 coats of paper mache on this pinata. And I think it was pretty strong. But next time I might do about 5 coats because we had some really strong kids hitting it this year. Even though it lasted pretty long and roughly through about 12 kids, I would like it to last a little bit longer next time.

After you do your desired amounts of paper mache, and they are completely dry, now its onto the really fun part.. decorating and completing your pinata.

For this part, you will need tissue paper, glue (I used modge podge) and scissors.


I also didn't get any picture of my layering the tissue paper on because my hands were covered in glue and I didn't want to touch my camera with gluey hands. I also ended up getting so caught up in this project that it left my mind. But again, I tried to explain it the best I could. I plan on making another pinata soon, my nephew wants one, so I am planning on video taping that process and uploading to my YouTube channel. and of course I will share that on here as well! hopefully getting it done next weekend!

For the finishing touch I made a blindfold out of a piece of black scrap fabric that I had laying around, and I used my sewing machine to sew on a cute Easter ribbon that I bought from the local dollar store. We made a new rule this year, that ages 5 and up had to wear a blindfold because last year that was no blindfold rule and it was way too easy to destroy!

UPDATE: (4-20-14) Here is a picture of my adorable nephew taking his turn. He had a huge smile on the entire time and he also liked it so much, that he asked me to make him on for just him. (That's my project for next weekend. ha!)

I really hope you enjoyed this short yet long tutorial; and I really hope it was helpful in walking you through a DIY Pinata.

If you make a pinata of your own, please share a picture, I would love to see it!

Look out for a video tutorial coming soon!

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