Monday, January 20, 2014

Beer Birthday Cake!
The 21st birthday cake that I made for my cousin. ☺


This cake was extrememly easy to make...

Here are the steps that I did:

1. Buy beer (30 pack)

2. Buy candy, decorations, wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, tape, cardboard, and anything else you want to use to decorate it.

3. Cut 3 pieces of cardboard into circles. One with a 1.5 foot diameter, one with about 1 foot diameter, and the third one about a half of food diameter.
(I honestly didn't measure them... I just started cutting...) HA! ☺

4. Wrap the cardboard circles in wrapping paper to make them pretty.

5. Start with the biggest circle and cover it in beer cans.... in the shape of a circle. When that layer is done, move onto step 6.

6. Next Place the middle sized circle on top of that layer and cover that in beer cans.

7. Place the smallest circle on top of that layer and cover them in the last couple of cans.

8. Take some ribbon and tie a large piece around each layer of cans. (to hold them together.) I also tied a large ribbon from top to bottom of the cake to hold the layers together.

9. Decorate your cake with any items that you want to add to it. I did lotto tickets, candy, and cigars. 

10. TAH-DAH! It's time to deliver the cake!

I love this project because it is so fun and it always gets fun reactions from people. I also love it because you can do it for so many different occasions. Birthdays... graduations (college of course!)... valentines day... anniversary's... or simply just for fun! :) Next time I make one of these I will try to film it . ☺

Please share your Can Cakes with me! I would love to see them!

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