Saturday, July 26, 2014

DIY Bonfire Plaque

My oldest brother loves to have company over. He loves to have hang out in the garage. Play lawn games. Play darts. All while having a bonfire burning.
It is always such a fun time over his house.

For his 28th birthday this year, I decided to make him some homemade presents that he would truly enjoy.

For the first DIY gift, I bought:
a wooden plaque
white alphabet stickers
a 3D bonfire sticker (came in a camping sticker set)
wall mounts (for the back of the plaque)
black spray paint
a clear coat spray paint

The first thing I did was, paint the wood plaque with my black spray paint.
I ended up coating it about 3 times, I wanted it to be covered, and sometime wood will soak up the paint on the first coat or 2.

When the plaque was completely dry,  I then laid out my stickers where I wanted them, then stuck them on one by one.

After the stickers were each in the right place, I then took the clear coat can and put 2 layers of clear coat over the entire plaque. 

I let the clear coat dry, and then I wrapped up the present for my brother. 

I thought this plaque and quote would be perfect for my brother to hang somewhere around his house. He loved it! He ended up hanging it in his garage, because that is where we hang out the most at his house.
Other than the paint drying times, this DIY project was fairly quick and extremely easy!

Who doesn't love bonfires? Marshmallows? Drinking?

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