Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DIY *B*Dazzeled Candles

Whelp. I am now 25 years old.


 I know that it is not OLD but gosh do I feel old today. I'm sure this feeling will pass. 

To add a little sparkle to my birthday this year, I decided to dress up some plain ol' candles that I bought at WalMart. 

I bought the 2 and the 5 separately.
 I also bought a small package of rhinestones.
They came with assorted sizes.

This little DIY project was so quick and simple.

My 2 year old nephew put all the other candles in the cake. Hes such a doll. ☺
I plugged in my glue gun, let it heat up and got to work!
(with no glue stick)
I simply took the tip of my hot glue gun and touched it to the part of the candle where I wanted a rhinestone.
The hot metal tip melted the candle wax, and I placed the rhinestone.
The wax hardens again.
I repeated these easy steps over and over again.
On the front and the back sides... and tah-dah! 
*B*Dazzled Candles! 


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