Sunday, August 31, 2014

DIY Light House Bird Feeder

My Grandma loves light houses.
I am always trying to think of and find light house craft ideas.
Well here is an easy one!

Here is what I bought:
- red spray paint (not pictured)
- white spray paint (not pictured)
-3 different size pots
- 1 small pot tray
- super glue
- E6000 glue
- cream colored multi-purpose rope
- black crafting paint
- 1 bird seed bell


I placed all 3 pots and the 1 pot trey on a piece of scrap board from our storage shed. 

I then sprayed each of them white with my white spray paint.
(I didn't worry about the tops because you won't be seeing them; why waste paint right?!)

After the white paint was dry, I took Frog painters tape and taped off a strip around the rim edge of each pot. 

I then took my red spray paint and sprayed the entire rim of each pot.
(NOTE: I had to use a piece of paper to shield the white paint, you don't want red speckles! But maybe you do, so if you do, more power to ya!)

Oh, I also painted the bottom of the small pot tray red.

When the red paint was finished drying.
I took more Frog painters tape, and made window shapes on each of the pots. 

 I then took my black crafting paint, and painted the window holes.
I let that paint dry completely, and then I slowly took off all of the Frog painters tape.

You're almost done!

The next step is to stack the pots on top of one another.
I used E6000 glue (clear) to attached the small pot tray to the smallest painted pot I have. 
(I did not glue them together because I figured it would be easier to store it in the winter months if it can be taken apart.)

Now, take your rope and wrap a piece around each pot, at the lip of the pot and the top edge of the red paint. 
I measured each piece of rope, then glued it using E6000 glue.
I then took super glue and squeezed some in the crease between the pot and the rope to make it more sturdy.

The last part it, place it where you want it, and place your birdseed bell on top!
Now you have a beautiful light house bird feeder!

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