Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Bunnies - DIY - Upcycle

These cute little wooden bunnies were so easy and fun to make!


I made these with items that I had around the house... even to buy the supplies to make them, it wouldn't cost much to make a few... ENJOY!

The items you will need:
2x4 wood pieces (cut into random sizes - but 12 inches or less)
Paint pens (black) (I used colors to sign the backs)
White fabric scraps
Pink fabric scraps
White spray paint
Hot glue gun and glue
Wire (I used jewelry wire)
Hearts (dollar tree)

I started off by using white spray paint and putting a few coats on my cut 2x4 pieces of wood. This is just my first batch, so I only did 6 for now.

While the paint was drying I started to cut 3 inch pieces of gold jewelry wire, (floral wire would work too) and crimping them with my fingers.
I then took an heart sticker, turned it upside down and used hot glue to glue on 6 whiskers to each nose.

I then took my scraps of white and pink fabric. (I used old hoodies!)
I cut 2 pink ear shapes, and glued them onto the white fabric,  then cut around them to make the ears.


I took a 4x4 piece of burlap and a 10 inch piece of twine.
I folded the burlap like an accordion, and tied the piece of twine around the middle to make it look like a bow.I used the extra twine attached to tie it around the bottom of the piece of wood.


I glued on the ears, and I used a small dot of hot glue to hold the bow-tie in place.

NOTE: For the female bunnies I made a burlap bow and put it in between their ears, instead of around their necks. Then I drew different eyes with eyelashes, instead of the round black eyes. (See last picture at end of post)

I used a small piece of twine to tie a bow to cover up the small amount of hot glue that was showing between the ears.
I then took my black paint pen (I used Sharpie brand) and drew on two eyes, and the mouth of each bunny.

I glued on the noses and tah-dah!!!!! 
You now have adorable bunnies to display for Easter!

If you make your own version of these, please command and share a picture of them below, or tag #CVA on Instagram.. I would love to see you creations!

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