Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baby Shower Prize Ideas!

The shower is just around the corner, and we finally have almost all of the prizes, tagged, organized and wrapped. I took pictures of them before wrapping them, so I could share some game prize ideas. I will be doing a separate post on the games we are doing.

First off, here are the favors that we are going to be giving to each guest.
A pretty fuchsia mesh bag (Micheal's) with a Sweet Pea hand sanitizer (Bath & Body Works) and a tea light (I made them.. here is the post on how to make them yourself! HERE.)  
The tags are double sided, so I photographed both messages.


Some of the other prizes that are going to be given away are...

My mom worked hard making these prizes.

TOP LEFT PICTURE: Not made by my mom but collected, baking sets. It consists of a kitchen towel, two oven mitts and a hot pad. 

TOP RIGHT PICTURE: My mom made grocery bag socks. You can hang them in your kitchen cabinet, a closet or the pantry, and they have an opening on top and bottom, you can use it to store the plastic bags you get from shopping. So handy & creative! 

BOTTOM LEFT PICTURE: Hot Pads for bowls that my mom made. Have you ever placed a bowl of something in the microwave, only to not be able to touch it right away when it is done heating up?! This solves your problem! Place these around your bowl before microwaving them and the fabric will not get too hot to touch! Love this idea! (I told her I wanted a few of them for myself! ha!)

BOTTOM RIGHT PICTURE: Mini oven mitts that my mom made. They are small and padded, so you won't get burned taking something out of the oven, and they are small and compact so they don't take up a lot of room in the kitchen cabinet or drawer!

TOP LEFT PICTURE: My mom made some adorable jewelry pouches for traveling, and I placed a homemade bracelet hanging out of each one!

TOP MIDDLE PICTURE: Cute notepads (guests will win them in sets of 2)

TOP RIGHT PICTURE: Fun little garden accents

BOTTOM LEFT PICTURE: My mom put together travel packs. A caboodle package filled with: razors, mini first aide kit. Q-tips, mini sewing kit, sun block, hand lotion, and tooth paste. So convenient!

BOTTOM MIDDLE PICTURE: A travel pack for liquids!

BOTTOM RIGHT PICTURE: Hand soaps with chalkboard labels!


We also got scarves for one of the games, and there will be a guest at each table winning a centerpiece! The centerpieces were made by my mom and I and you can see how we did them and what they look like HERE! 

If you make a version of these yourself, please share a picture in the comments below, or tag them on Instagram using #CreatingVirginiaAnne
I would love to see your creations!

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