Saturday, March 28, 2015

Quilting Workshop #2

 I attended my 2nd quilting workshop today. I had a blast and I made a baby crib quilt for our Little Sweetpea ♥ I got all of my fabric from Joann Fabrics and I matched the theme of her nursery.

The quilt pattern that I did today is called Turning Twenty Again.

My mom rocked her own fabric by cutting it herself this time. She said it was a little time consuming because she is still learning, but she really enjoyed it! Here are the fabric styles and colors she choose for her lap quilt.

I also wanted to share my Aunts pattern, which is called Around The World.
This was her first time quilting and her first time sewing in about 30 years. Her quilt turned out beautiful! As did everyone's quilts! This quilt is for her mother, who picked out all of the Irish fabric from Joann's!


I just wanted to share these pictures with you because quilting really is a fun thing to do, and the possibilities are endless. 
If you have a sewing machine, like to sew and want to make a quilt then I highly encourage you to look up a local quilting class or workshop around you and go for it! You will not regret it! I am already looking forward to my next workshop!

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