Friday, March 27, 2015

"OH SHIT KIT" The perfect gift to someone with a hangover...

Do you know someone who is about to turn 21?!
Or anyone that is about to have a celebration night, where there will be drinking involved?! 
Then this is the easiest, cheapest, most perfect DIY gift bag for you to make!

My cousin is turned 21 today! 
We are all going to dinner tonight, and out afterwards. 
I put together this little gift bag from a group of us, to help her through the following day.

The bag reads:

The day after your 21st birthday you may be a little hungover.....
So we put together this kit to help you get sober.
Some Aleve, Gatorade, and even a snack.
Don't worry girl we got your back!" 

I simply just typed up the message in word document, I played around with fonts & printed it! I then colored in some of the letters. Cut the paper down to size, and glued it to the bag before I put the items inside!


Inside the bag includes:
1 bottle of Aleve  tablets
1 box of granola bars
1 bag of popcorn (one of her favorite snacks)
1 bottle of Gatorade
1 package of chewy Tums
1 tube of chap-stick
1 pack of gum

And the fun part is, you can include all of that or none of that at all, and make up your own kit!
I have another cousin turning 21 early next year that is a male, and I will be making him one as well, but I know I am going to include different items, that he would prefer!

If you make one of these easy and cheap yet fun and reliable gift bags please share it in the comments below or #CVA on Instagram!

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