Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tea Lights - Baby Shower Favor

"Light this candle, on the night
Once the stork has made his flight.
With a flicker of the flame,
Please say a prayer in Sweetpea's name."
For part of the baby shower gifts we will be giving each person a little baggy with a few items in it. One of those items will be a small tea light candle, with a tag attached that says the short poem that I started this post with.

I wanted to make the tea lights a little more fun, girly and cute.
So I took different pink washi tapes that I had, and cut them to size.
I wrapped each tea light (whew I wrapped 100!) and I really think it made them a little more fun for the favor bags. 


This quick, easy and cheap DIY was just that. It was very quick, it took me less than 1 minute per tea light. It was easy, all I had to do was measure, cut and wrap. It was also cheap, the candles were from Walmart but you can buy them from the Dollar Tree as well. The washi tape was off brand and from the Dollar Tree, and that is all you need my friends!

If you make your own version of these fun tea lights, please share a picture of them in the comments below, or tag them on Instagram using #CreatingVirginiaAnne   

I would love to see your creations! 

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