Monday, April 20, 2015

TuTu Center Pieces - Baby Shower - DIY

Since we have a little girl due in July, the baby shower is of course going to be pink and girly - mixed in with a little camo too!

My Momma-Bear and I decided to make the center pieces ourselves...

Here is what we used:
(to make 15 center pieces)

White elastic bands (Hobby Lobby)
safety pins (Dollar Tree)
12 yards of neon pink tulle (Hobby Lobby)
12 yards of  Paris pink tulle (Hobby Lobby)
Brown flower buckets (Dollar Tree)
flower pots (Home Depot)
Camo ribbon (Hobby Lobby)


Step 1: Cut the elastic to 11 inches & pin the ends together

Step 2: cut the tulle into 5 inch by 12 inch strips

Step 3: gather the tulle strips and get ready to tie!

Step 4: fold 1 strip of Paris Pink tulle and 1 strip of Neon Pink tulle in half (together) and loop with around the elastic band

Step 5: Keep repeating step 4 until the band is covered (we used 26 loops on all of ours) 

Step 6: fluff the tulle and TAH-DAH a pretty little tutu to fit around the brown flower buckets!

Step 7: As you can see in the top pictures, we slid the tutu around the flower pot, cut a 33 inch piece of our camo ribbon and tied a bow around it.

We also are going to be putting the flower pots inside of the brown flower buckets, to place white and pink flowers inside, as the whole center piece. I will be sure to post a picture of them completed when it gets closer to the shower date, because obviously the flowers would probably not make it a few more weeks! 

If you make a version of this yourself, please share a picture in the comments below, or tag them on Instagram using #CreatingVirginiaAnne

I would love to see your creations!

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