Thursday, December 19, 2013

DAY 19: Halrems Ornaments 2013

James and I buy eachother a new Christmas ornament each year. The past few years, I have been making his and Harlems. Well here are the ones I made for Harlem this year. I talked about playing with salt dough on  December 5th I believe, when I made Our First House Key Ornament. Well I made another small batch of salt dough again a few days back to make Harlem a few Christmas ornaments. The first one I made is so easy! I rolled out a ball, and flattened it. Then I yelled "HARLEM! COME HERE BOY!" Harlem came running to me I asked him politely to sit (and he did) then I took his paw and gently pressed it into the dough. At first the paw print didn't look that sharp but after only one coat of paint it really popped out! So like I said I put one coat of the silver sparkly paint on it after it air dried, then I painted on his name and the year, as you can see below.

After the paint dried I used my hot glue gun and glued a ribbon onto the back on the ornament and then hung it on the tree! Ahh I love it! So easy and now we will forever have a piece of Harlem on our Christmas trees. ♥

The next Harlem ornament I made was just as easy. I used salt dough, rolled out a few different sized balls, and flattened them to form the shape of a bone. I then used the back end of a paint brush and carved HARLEM into it. I let the piece air dry along with the paw print ornament, and then painted it with a water color blue I had lying around the craft room. I was planning on doing more than 1 coat but I really liked the 'washed' look of just the one coat. I let the paint dry and then hot glued a gold ribbon onto the back and hung the ornament by his 2011 ornament of him as a puppy. 

  I am very happy with how these ornaments turned out and they were both made from supplies that I had just lying around our house!

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