Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

I don't really know what I am going to do for James for Valentines day yet this year. I have a few small ideas but nothing solid.... This will be our 11th time spending valentines day together! We both aren't very big into spending a ton of money on huge presents but we are very big into spending the day together and sharing our love. ♥ ( even though we do that everyday.. not just February 14th! ) 

I always try to make James something or get him some of his favorite drinks and snacks. 
One year I made the "52 Reasons I love you..." out of an entire deck of cards! (similar to the one below) I also made him "The ABCs of us" book for our anniversary, however it is full of love and straight from the heart, so it would be a great valentines gift!

I have also bought him and have received from him stuffed animals... flowers... chocolates.... and jewelry! These are all great gift ideas! And can be a variety of different prices! 
(which is good for all budgets!)

I have given socks, boxers, blankets, tools, games, movies, books and so much more...
 I have received cookies, cakes, cards, socks, pillows, candy, electronics....

But the truth is....

No matter what you buy or make, the best valentines day gift you can give or receive is unconditional love. ♥ From family, friends or your significant other. I don't think Valentines day is just for couples.... to me its just an additional day full of love. 

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