Saturday, April 19, 2014

DIY Easter Center Pieces

I purchased everything for this project at the Dollar Tree!

The supplies I used are:
-Peeps & other marshmallow Easter animals
-Fake flowers (orange, white and pink) ((2 bundles of each))
-4 Easter themed buckets
-a pack of kabob skewers
-ribbon (stripes and egg print)
-clear party favor bags
-2 bags of jelly beans
-1 bag of yellow Easter grass
-4 round floral foams (2 packs)
oh! and scissors!

For a total of $24 
(to make 4 centerpieces!)


Step 1: Place a round floral foam in the bottom of each bucket.

Step 2: fill the rest of the bucket up to the rim with Easter grass.

Step 3: Sort the flowers into 4 piles to make sure they are all even and matching.

Step 4: Cut off the thick steps to the flowers (the ones that hold the bunches together)

Step 5: Start placing your flower in each bucket by pushing the stems into the floral foam. You may need to trim the stems down a little depending on the look you are going for. I trimmed all my stems way down because I wanted the flower to be low and look like they were almost pouring out of the buckets.

Step 6: After all your flowers are placed in, trim any Easter grass that is hanging out over the sides.

Step 7: Fluff the flowers and maybe reposition any that you want to.

Step 8: Step back and look at the beautiful centerpieces you just created.

           Now onto the next part of the center pieces.. the edible part!

You will need to use your peeps, jellybeans, bags and skewers now.

Step 1: Take a kabob skewer and start sliding on peeps, marshmallow animals and jellybeans. Until it is about 3/4 full. 

Helpful tip: I used Pam and sprayed each skewers first, it made it easier to slide on.

Here is a picture of some of the candy kabobs that I made...

Step 2: Carefully wrap each candy kabob in a clear party favor bag and use the twisty ties that came with the bags to secure it.

Step 3: Place each kabob into the floral foam between the flowers to add a fun little edible touch to your already beautiful center pieces.

I also ended up adding a few styrofoam Easter eggs on kabob sticks that I bought from the dollar tree as well. It was just a last minute touch sort of thing that jumped into my mind this morning. (the 1st picture in this post has them photographed in it)

Now your beautiful masterpieces are ready for display!
And a perk of using fake flowers... all I have to do next Easter is just replace the candy kabobs! SCORE!

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