Sunday, October 5, 2014

Anniversary Gift Basket & Boquet! (perfect gift for any man!) DIY

The hubby and I have been married for 2 years! 
Gosh, I can almost not believe it! It honestly feels like just yesterday I walked down that isle towards him. 

Well this year, we decided to keep it low key, and just spend the day together as a family. We actually went to a local museum and spent the entire day there just the two of us! It was perfect!

Anyways... of course I can't not make anything for him, so I put together this MAN BASKET for him. 

I included some of his favorite things, such as:
 Arizona Sweet Tea
Hunting items (face cover, vest and scent a way items)
Slim Jim

I wrote out how long we have been married for, in years, months, weeks and days. I attached it to a basket from the Dollar Tree with twist ties. 
It was simple and he loved it because it was from the heart and full of some of his favorite things!

I also made him a Marriage Doesn't Suck bouquet! Because we are MINT TO BE! Corny but so cute, right?! ☺

His most favorite suckers around this time of the year are the caramel apple suckers. So I bought a huge bag of them and a piece of floral foam from the Dollar Tree. I also bought a giant bag of Wint-O-Green Life Savers, and Andes mints (more favorites of his) and used an old giant pickle jar that I had washed an put aside for a random DIY. 

I stuck the suckers into the floral foam that I duct taped to the lid of the pickle jar. I fanned them out so look somewhat like a bouquet. I then took the mints (both kinds) and mixed them up inside of the jar. I placed the lid on and taped on my homemade signs.
I wrote out 

I had these waiting for my amazing husband this morning when he woke up, and he loves them! Not to mention I love them too because I also get to snack on them! hehe

I know that some men can be hard to get gifts for, or to make things for. This is perfect because you can fill it with their favorite items and use their favorite mints and candies! It was fairly cheap and very easy to make!

Please post pictures of your creations in the comments below if you make this. I would love to see them! You can also tag #CVA on Instagram!

Now I am going to spend the rest of the evening with my hubby

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