Wednesday, December 24, 2014

EASY & CHEAP Pooping Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweaters - DIY

Every year for Christmas my brothers and our significant others have a lotto party night, where we buy scratch off tickets instead of buy each other  presents. This year we decided to make it an UGLY SWEATER PARTY as well! EEkkk! As soon as we decided that I was overly excited to make a fun set of sweaters for the hubby and I to wear!

Things you need:
felt (colors listed below)
present bows
hot glue gun or fabric glue
marker to trace with
I started off by buying different colors of felt.
The colors I used are:

You need the most of the tan for the body of the deer,
You also need a good chunk of cream felt to use for the antlers.

I laid out the felt and drew on my reindeer.
I then cut it out and pieced him together.

I traced the hubby's hands on the tan, then my hands on the cream felt, so that the cream antlers were smaller than the tan antlers.

I also cut out a red oval for the reindeer nose!

I then laid out our two white sweaters that I bought for $5 each at WalMart.
I measured the height difference between my hubby and I, so that when we stood next to one another our reindeer matched up.

I plugged in my hot glue gun and let it heat up!

Then I got to gluing!

For the eyes, I cut out white felt and black rectangles to make the pupils.
I then used some black felt for the reindeer feet, and I took white tulle and bunched it up along the bottom of the sweaters, under the reindeer feet, to make it look like snow. I used hot glue for all of it and it help on very well!

The next step is applying the present bows!
I used 8 bows total.
I glued two bows falling from the reindeer's rear end.
and then I piled on the remaining 6 bows just above the tulle (which is acting as the snow)
The picture below shows that!

Our sweaters were a HUGE hit at the party! and people were even asking us if they could borow them! Which of course they can!

I paired my sweater with my long Santa hat, my red leggings, my stripped Christmas stockings that go above the knee, and my reindeer slippers that I absolutely adore!
The only downside is, I didn't want to take the chances to put it in the washing machine.. so I hand washed them, just to be safe.  

If you make your own version of this Ugly Christmas Sweater be sure to share it in the comments below, or tag #CVA on Instagram! I would love to see your creations! Even if you don't make this version, if this post even inspired you to create your own Ugly Sweater please share it too!

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