Thursday, October 30, 2014

Memory Bangles - DIY + So EASY!

I took some scraps to make my sister-in-law a flower canvas out of her late grandmothers clothes, as a memory piece, that you can see here.

Well I still have some scraps left over, so I am going to continue to use them for her, and not let any of the fabric go to waste.

I made 3 of these fun and easy Memory Bangles for her.

I bought 3 plastic bangle bracelets from the Dollar Tree.
(yep! Just $3!)

I cut the scraps into strips, I really just made sure the edges were nice and clean.

I then, took my hot glue gun and put a dot of glue to start of the first strip of fabric and wrapped the fabric piece around the bracelet. I also used a dot of hot glue to hold the end of the strip to the bracelet as well.
I just kept repeating this until the bracelets were completely covered!


 She absolutely loved them, and even though they are not bracelets made to wear with an outfit everyday, they are nice to have because it is a piece of her grandmother that she can keep forever.

If you make a version of these, please share a picture in the comments below, or tag them on Instagram using #CreatingVirginiaAnne

I would love to see your creations!

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