Sunday, November 2, 2014

Zombie Bites! A snack for The Walking Dead fans!

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead?! 
Here is a fun snack to make for Sunday night!

You will need: 
White chocolate baking chips
Waffle Style pretzels
Sugar bones (I found my in the Halloween cake items)
Food coloring (I used red, black and green)

Other items I used:
mixing bowls
mixing utensils (I used a fork)
cookie sheets
wax paper

Step 1: Separate a bag of white chocolate baking chips into two bowls (make sure the bowls are microwave safe!)

Follow the directions on the chocolate chips package, for timing on how to melt the chocolate without burning it. 

Step 2: while the chocolate is melting away in the microwave, I laid out my pretzels on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper (I prefer it for an easier clean up!)
 Step 3: When the chocolate is melted, I added the food coloring. Green to one bowl and red to the other bowl. 

Step 4: I mixed the food coloring in very well, and kept adding more until the chocolate was my desired shades of green and red. When the chocolate was my desired colors, I used my fork to drop a blob onto each pretzel. I started with the green chocolate.

Step 6: before the green chocolate started to harden, I placed an un-melted white chocolate chip upside-down in random places of the green chocolate.  I then took red food coloring on a toothpick and dribbled red over the entire pretzel and chocolate to make it look like blood. I added a small dab of black food coloring to the center of the un-melted white chocolate chip to make it look like an eyeball. 

Step 7: Now onto the red melted chocolate! I did the same process as step 6 for the red as well, but I also used some candy sugar bones for some of them! I also didn't use any extra red food coloring to add blood to these ones, but you totally could if you wanted to! I did however, use a fork to rough up the chocolate a little more on these ones as the chocolate was starting to harden. I was going for more of a human look for these ones, compared to the green ones.

Step 8: place them in the fridge until it is serving time!

Step 9: Take them out of the fridge and enjoy them with other Walking Dead fans and friends!

p.s. these would also be a fun Halloween treat as well!! Heck, even for a scary movie night with friends or the family!

If you recreate these or even make your own version please remember to share a picture with me and your thoughts on them in the comments below! Or tag #CVA on Instagram! I could love to see your creations! 

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